Il Crudo, raw cheese pecorino

The raw pecorino is a cheese made with ancient method, in accordance to the rules of modern production. The milk comes strictly and exclusively from manufacturer animals, who live free and are fed naturally in pastures of the manufacturer farm or, if the season does not allow it, with grain and hay. The fresh milk obtained is processed to a temperature not superior to 40°, in order to better preserve the full aromas and flavors of the pasture.

Compliance with these rules makes it a quality production, but limited: the shapes are selected and branded one by one, after a careful process of maturation that lasts at least three months, because the raw pecorino is slow and difficult to make.



Shapes of 2,300 kg each.


2 pieces box


Store the shape in a cool and dry place. Once cut, store it in the refrigerator or in a cool and dry place wrapped with maize paper or with a linen cloth.


All year round


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Il Crudo, raw cheese pecorino Il Crudo, raw cheese pecorino